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Faith, Fun, Food, Fellowship


Started in ______, The Bear Lake and Arcadia United Methodist Churches have strived to become a beacon and guiding light for faith and ministries. With a focus on missions, youth and outreach we strive to spread the gospel in every way we can.


Whether it be Youth services or Family Fun nights, we always look for a reason to gather the congregation for a day of enjoyment!


Our Church provides many opportunities to feed the hungry with out Food Pantries and Community Dinners!


Would you like to take part in growing our church? We’d love to have you with us. Click on any of the icons above to find out what God’s calling is for you!

Featured Volunteers

Take a look at some of the people who put their all to bring people closer to God
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Lionel Jackson

Website/Media Technician
Lionel Jackson recently joined our church as a guest full of ideas. And at every turn, those ideas have become hit successes to push our church into the age of technology. His goal is to bring people together with the use of the media.
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Tyler Groenwald

Media Technician, Liturgist
Tyler Groenwald has been a member of the church for as long as he can remember. His goal is to show that the church follows three rules: Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.
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Mckaya Groenwald

Worship Committee, Media Technician
Mckaya Groenwald is your one stop, go to person to get things done. Have a new idea? Maybe a new way to better services? She will do her best to implement ideas throughout the church.
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Rev. Jane Logston

Reverend, Worship Committee, Minister
Rev. Jane Logston has been the minister at Bear Lake United Methodist Church for 2 Years. With amazing sermons, mission work, and a warm heart, Rev. Jane gives her all to make the church a great place for everyone.


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