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Rev. Dr. Bobby Cabot serves as a Pastor in the United Methodist Church. She ministers healing to the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

God called Dr. Cabot to the healing ministry nineteen years ago. Over the years, she has conscientiously studied under the prominent healing theologians of our time, many of whom recommend her on this brochure.

Dr. Cabot believes in the healing power of the risen Christ as revealed through the Holy Scriptures, church tradition, and her own experience of witnessing countless miracles explainable only by God’s divine love and grace.

Because the healing and deliverance ministry has often been unbalanced, Dr. Cabot strives for a loving, low-key approach that nurtures and edifies.

Kingdom Life
Healing Ministries

 Encountering the God Who Heals

  April 23 - April 27, 2013 

Bear Lake Manor
7812 Main Street
Bear Lake, MI 49614

 Dr. Cabot - 231.557.0166





  • The God who Speaks
  • Distorted Images of God
  • Core Needs
  • Trust
  • Structures of Inner Healing
  • Dysfunctional Behavior
  • Emotional Upheaval
  • Truth
  • Lies we believe about God, ourselves and others
    Vows and Judgments
  • Blessings and Curses
  • Forgiveness
  • Deliverance
  • Core Wounds



The Healing School is a 4 ½ day event which combines cognitive, spiritual and experiential components in order for all participants to learn about healing and experience the Healing Christ themselves.

The Healing School focuses primarily on inner healing. Sometimes called “healing of emotions,” or “healing of memories,” inner healing is a unique ministry which only Christ can do. The human facilitator is just that – the one who helps the person receiving prayer come into the presence of Christ for His divine touch.

Inner healing involves one’s submission to the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides a person into a wounded emotion and healing occurs as one encounters Christ in the midst of their pain.

While it is Christ who heals our emotions, not the facilitator, still there are paradigms of inner healing to learn. Facilitators need to discover appropriate tools for their tool belt and learn how to use them so they can work effectively with those seeking healing.





(Make checks payable to KLHM)

First Time Attendee: $150
Couples: $225 ($75 savings)
Alumni: $100

The fee includes the cost of the Healing School, the workbook. and practicum materials. Lodging is the responsibility of the participant. If you register early,
you may request free lodging with a host family.)

Please mail check to:

KLHM Registration
12318 Smith Street

Bear Lake, MI 49614

 Testimonies about Kingdom Life Ministries

"I had two powerful encounters with Jesus. I felt the love of Jesus and saw His face. He showed me all the times He had saved me and protected me from possible death and destruction, including spiritual destruction. I also experienced a vision of the Trinity!"

"The presence of the Holy Spirit was very, very powerful during the Healing School."

"The material is awesome!"

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 What people say about Dr. Cabot

"Dr. Bobby Cabot combines both passion and wisdom, boldness and humility in ministering Christ's healing grace to others through the power of the Holy Spirit. God uses her in wonderful, life-changing ways. I heartily recommend her to you."
Dr. Steve Seamands, Professor of Christian Doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary, author of Wounds that Heal: Bringing Our Hurts to the Cross.

“Bobby Cabot combines a deep anointing, great compassion, and profound sensitivity in her healing ministry. She is also one of the most highly educated servants I know of when it comes to helping broken people. She has been a blessing to many people, myself included.”
Dr. Terry Wardle, Director of the Institute of Formational Counseling at Ashland Theological Seminary, President of Healing Care Ministries, and author of 12 books including Healing Care Healing Prayer, and Strong Winds Crashing Waves.

“Bobby Cabot is one of the most Spirit-filled and Spirit led persons I have known. Her availability to God for the sake of others is a model of what the Christian life is all about. Her ministries have been effective, transformative for both individuals and communities.”
Dr. M. Robert Mulholland, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary, author of Invitation to a Journey, Shaped by the Word, and The Deeper Journey.

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